12th Annual Gockel Symposium

Wolfgang Drautz, German Consul General

Wolfgang Drautz, German Consul General

Amye Buckley

The historic importance of relations between Germany, America and the European Union will be the topic of discussion during the Gockel International Symposium on Oct. 28.

“The Gockel International Symposium is recognized as the centerpiece of our themed semester,” said Dr. Chad Stebbins, director of the institute of international studies. “It provides an opportunity for two distinguished experts to come together and discuss the relationship of Germany to the United States as well as future implications.”

Chicago-based German Consul General Wolfgang Drautz plans to discuss the similarities and differences between Germany and America.

“We share all the basic values starting with human rights, democracy, market economy, rule of law – we have all the same, the origins are in the age of enlightenment where we had all the same principles,” Drautz said. “Your revolution here or your independence started the ideas of the Europeans philosophers: human rights and independence.”

Transatlantic relations, Drautz says, should be more reciprocal.

“This country is so strong and has so many great features that you should be happy to have as many people coming in and you should be ready to send as many young people out and see the world as possible.”

The symposium sessions will be Oct. 28. During the 9:30 a.m. session, Drautz will discuss transatlantic relations. At 7 p.m. Dr. James Sperling will discuss post-Cold war policy and Drautz will be speaking about Germany and the EU.