Jacob Park able to return for another season

Mitch Carney

Lions senior quarterback Jacob Park could have an extra year of eligibility, thanks to a NCAA Division II rule, that athletes in Division II can play for 10 semesters instead of the five season rule that is in Division I. 

Since Park left early from Iowa State before transferring to Southern he is currently only in his eighth semester of college. This means by the time next season comes around, it will be his 10th semester giving him the opportunity to play one more season with head coach Jeff Sims.

“I like coaching Jacob [Park],” said Sims. “I would love for him to be apart of our program and I do see us progressing. I think he would be a great key addition for us taking that next step. I also think he would be great for recruiting because of the personality and talent he has.”

It isn’t for certain that Park will be returning next season because of a couple of reasons; Sims said that Park has a child and is a very talented individual and could transfer to a different school.  

“I would definitely want him to come back he’s a great player,” said junior Brian Boyd Jr. “He’s a very talkative player and demands this and that from us and we do the same to him, so it’s definitely a mutual respect thing we have together as a team.”

Park currently leads the MIAA in total yards with 2,484, which would place him third in Division II football. Park also leads the MIAA in interceptions throwing, for 20 interceptions showing signs of struggle within the Lions offense who has only won game this season. It could be very beneficial for Sims and the Lions to have Park return, though, as it would give the Lions a complete offseason to work with him compared to this season where he showed up in the beginning of the fall.