Southern admin reviewing homecoming incident

Mitch Carney

Missouri Southern are reviewing an incident that occurred last week during the homecoming football game against the University of Central Missouri. 

On  Oct. 6, a fan who sat behind the new student section posted on Facebook that there were students yelling vulgar comments to the UCM football team. 

The fan also alleged that people in the student section had brought beer into the stadium and repeatedly spilled it  on UCM fans blankets, while others were blowing cigarette smoke into their faces. 

“The university police did nothing but stand there and watch it happen,” the fan alleges. 

“Some students came into the stands on the east side and got loud,” University police chief Ken Kennedy said via Jared Porter of the Joplin Globe. “We were there and never heard them do anything but yell for the game. They were just yelling, like fans do. We made sure that they weren’t drinking, behaved themselves and made sure everyone was safe. So we stayed up there with the until the game was over. Alcohol consumption isn’t permitted [inside the stadium], and that’s why they had to pour our [their drinks] and why there were cans everywhere. They were told to pour that out or leave, and so they all poured it out.”

Standard procedure for Missouri Southern is that they ask fans to pour out their alcoholic beverages, unless they’re younger than 21. If they are younger than 21, they would get a citation from the administrative or from the state. Alcoholic consumption is not allowed inside the stands at Fred G. Hughes Stadium. Alcohol is allowed only in the hospitality suit located on the North End zone Facility. Smoking is also not allowed inside of Fred G. Hughes stadium. 

In response to the Facebook post, Missouri Southern President Alan Marble said in a statement posted on social media, “The University finds the behavior described by our guests as inappropriate and unacceptable and we offer our sincere apology to the fans, coaching staff and student athletes of the University of Central Missouri. The incident is under review by the university and has already been discussed with student advisory groups and staff in intercollegiate athletics and student affairs. Missouri Southern firmly believes the actions of its employees, students and fans should represent the university’s values. It is the university’s intent to use Saturday’s incident as a learning experience for all involved and to move in a positive direction both for the remainder of the football season and beyond.”

Head Coach Jeff Sims and athletic director Jared Bruggman will not comment on the incident, according to Justin Maskus, the media relations director for Southern. Sims commented on the orginal social media post  where he said, “I hope we won’t let the actions of a few hurt the opportunity for many to have a great college expierence. I personally apologize to you, your family, and any CMSU fanthat felt a student or anyone was out of line, but that was induviduals action not a reflection of the students or university. “

Sims also said in his comment that neither he or  anyone else encourage the students to bring in alcoholic bevarages into Fred G. Hughes stadium or to harass the opposing teams fans.