Lacuna’s DVD is perfect package of performances

The customer isnt always right

The customer isn’t always right

Nathan Carter

Lacuna Coil’s performances at 2007’s Waken and Loudpark festivals are fully documented on their new DVD, Visual Karma [Body, Mind and Soul].

Lacuna Coil is an Italian goth-metal band fronted by Andrea Ferro and super-sexy advice columnist Cristina Scabbia. The two voices often create a beauty-and-the-beast type harmony that is hard to find anywhere else and impossible to beat.

During the Waken festival, the band played 11 songs, seven of which are from the Karmacode album. High points of the performance include “Senzafine,” a song written completely in Italian, the upbeat “Closer” and their cover of Depache Mode’s “Enjoy the Silence.”

The live performance proves that Ferro’s growl is lower and harsher than what has been produced on the albums, while Scabbia hits every note perfectly. The camera work focuses mostly on Scabbia, which is great for the eyes, but disappointing considering how animated Ferro is. Then again, Scabbia is gorgeous, and fans will be overjoyed anyway.

Lacuna Coil’s six-song performance at the Loudpark festival in Japan is also on the DVD. Four of the songs played at Waken, “Closer,” “To the Edge,” “Swamped” and “Our Truth,” sound interchangeable to the Loudpark performance. They also play “Within Me” and “Daylight Dancer” from some of their previous albums.

The last feature on disk one is a collection of music videos for “Our Truth,” “Enjoy the Silence,” “Closer” and “Within Me.”

Disc two can only be played on a computer and will not be accepted in a DVD player. It is filled with behind the scenes video footage, downtime with the band, fan video submissions, and backstage footage.

All in all, the package is set up perfectly. Disk one is for people who love the music. Disk two is for the super stalker or people who are trying to see what it is like to make it in the music business. Total running time is 213.25 minutes.