Holiday List: Two hardworking local bands

Brennan Stebbins

Formed when Trevor Smith and Josh Schmidt began playing together in 2001, Ebb & Flow has been a common sight ever since in the Joplin/Carthage music scene. The band added drummer Korey Batson and bassist Rick Curry in 2005, and has continued to play around the Midwest. They will play Dec. 26 at Jim’s Bar and Grill in Carthage. Smith will now take our questions.

Q: How did Ebb & Flow come up with its name? A: Ebb & Flow has several connotations which have to do with the many aspects of life. It is in essence the give and take, cause and effect, yin and yang, among others. The title of the band is in essence the contrasts of life itself and is more of a suggestion than a title.

Q: Describe your sound.A: Self-described as acoustic hybrid rock, our sound is a fusion of folk, progressive and experimental rock, with a splash of jam.

Q: What are your musical influences?A: The major collective is Tool, Incubus, 311. These are the main influences.

Q: What’s your favorite local venue to play?A: They all have their own vibe that separates them from one another, making them all our favorites.

Q: You almost went to Iraq in 2005?A: I was called back in the Individual Ready Reserve of the U.S. Army to serve in Operation Iraqi Freedom, but was discharged due to a disorder.

Q: Who is your favorite local band or artist?A: Our favorite local band is Cinemascope out of Springfield.

Q: What’s the future of Ebb & Flow?A: After a mini tour throughout this last year we are going to play local moderately till spring break where we will write new material and work on our next album.

Q: Describe the current music scene in the area.A: Tepid.

Q: What’s your favorite album at the moment?A: No specific album.

Q: What’s the best concert you’ve seen? A: Tool, Incubus and 311.