The poor college student’s guide to ghetto fabulous

The poor college students guide to ghetto fabulous

The poor college student’s guide to ghetto fabulous

Jessica Schreindl

Times are tough ­- financially, that is. And for college students they can be even tougher. Just when the economic crisis seemed to be lessening, the holidays arrived; and with them the painful tradition of gift-giving.

But before you panic, remember: It’s not like you actually have to spend money on someone you love. Grandma and Grandpa loved those pictures you colored for them when you where a kid, and they’ll love them now, damn it!

So other than making homemade gifts this Christmas, here are a few money-saving ideas to get you through the rest of the year.

1. Need a haircut? Look no further than your roommate. Yes, she might do a botched job but at least it’s free! Plus, if she totally destroys your locks you can always use it as guilt-ammo: “I would love to do the dishes [sob] as soon as I’m done trying to find a hat to wear.”

2. Go to McDonalds, but don’t eat. Nonchalantly fill your pockets with condiments. Tomato soup, anyone?

3. In need of bathroom supplies? Wal-Mart is not going to miss that one roll of toilet paper. Besides, it’s a public rest room.

4. The layered look is in! Why spend money on frivolities such as heat? Put on some sweaters and cozy up to you roommate. (Now is no time to be homophobic guys)

5. Invest in a hot-glue gun. It can repair everything from sole-less flip-flops to broken toilet seats. It’s the best thing since duct tape.

6. Need cash fast? Pose as a Salvation Army bell ringer. Hey, your merry-Christmas blessing is just as meaningful as the diabetic on the scooter.

*However, if you are a tomato-soup-out-of-the-can homophobic hair diva, your only hope is this: graduate from college soon and get a real job. Until then, you may have to sit on a broken toilet seat.