Governor joins lawmakers in Joplin to discuss ‘Show Me Jobs’

Brennan Stebbins

Less than a week after his inauguration, Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon traveled last week to Joplin with a new appointee in tow and job creation on his mind.

Nixon joined Sen. Gary Nodler (R-Joplin) and House Speaker Ron Richard (R-Joplin) for a press conference at Granny Shaffer’s restaurant at which he introduced Linda Martinez, who will head the Missouri Department of Economic Development, and touted his “Show Me Jobs” plan which will make low-interest loans available for small businesses, expand the Missouri Quality Jobs Program and provide tax credits for employers who train and re-train workers.

“This morning 200,000 Missourians woke up and didn’t have jobs to go to,” Nixon said. “Our task is to do all we can to solve that problem as quickly as possible.”

The “Show Me Jobs” initiative includes plans for coordinating job-creation efforts on both a state and federal level to reduce unnessecary duplication and compliment a federal stimulus package. The initiative also establishes an Automotive Manufacturing Task Force to ensure the auto industry and its workers in Missouri are at the forefront of technological advances in fuel-efficient vehicles.

Martinez brings 25 years of economic development experience to the table, and Nixon is counting on that experience to help create jobs in Missouri.