Money tight at Spiva Library

Nathan Carter

After canceling last weeks meeting, Student Senate got back to business.

The Senate library report revealed that Spiva Library is having difficulties in the financial department.

“The library has a flat budget,” said Adam Givens, sophomore political science major. “They’re unable to buy new books so there are complaints that the books are outdated 20 years or older. The computers in the library are five years old. They try to update the software, but even then it cost money.”

The library posted a survey for students to rank the libraries’ recourses, but only five students responded.

The library has spent 75 percent of this year’s budget for this year and has half of the year left to go. This has forced the library to reach for handouts.

“They got 1,200 to 1,400 books donated,” Givens said. “There are books about computers that are outdated … and conspiracy books about the year 2000.”

In other news, appropriations were passed for the World Issues for Students by Educators, SADHA and Sigma Tau Delta for $1,000 each. The SSDP received $299. 31.

A resolution to suggest the administration amend the current enrollment procedure was passed out for first reading. The Senate will debate the resolution next week.

The Senate’s regular meetings are at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesdays.