Senate meeting: two short

Nathan Carter

Wednesday’s regularly scheduled meeting of the Student Senate was a non-starter.

Attendance fell two members short of a quorum and Senate business had to be postponed until its next meeting Feb. 11.

“We’ll try it again next week,” Senate President Ben Hinkle told those in attendance. “Bring some more of your friends with you.”

Among the items pushed back was a Hinkle-sponsored resolution asking “That the MSSU administration consider adopting a revised tuition payment policy requiring full payment of tuition and fees on the same date that 100 percent tuition refunds cease.”

“I know personally four or five people who were dropped by the drop policy and decided not to come back–that it would be easier to just go somewhere else,” Hinkle said. “We’re trying to correct that so you don’t get dropped before the semester starts.”

Hinkle said the administration has said the current policy allows the University to know how much money is available. But Hinkle says that can’t be determined with certainty until the refund period ends.

Appropriations put on hold this week included a $1,000 request by the Student American Dental Hygienists Association to attend Lobby Day in Jefferson City on Feb. 11. Although the earliest the request could be addressed is the day of the event, Hinkle said he hopes the delay won’t endanger any of the events the delayed appropriations were to fund.

“We can vote on these on first reading now,” he said. “It will just mean they need to wait an extra week for their money.”

Other appropriations requests delayed until Feb. 11:

– Sigma Tau Delta, $1,000 to attend and present at the National English Honor Society Convention.

– World Issues for Study by Educators (WISE), $1,000 to take 18 members to Washington, D.C., to work in culturally diverse urban schools for a period of two and on-half days.