Time for a road trip: Shreveport

Andrew Ford

Located in the Northwestern boot of Louisiana, Shreveport is quickly becoming one of the most popular places in the nation to make feature films.

Founded at the Northwest side of the Louisiana boot, Shreveport is the cultural center of Ark.-La.-Tex., the area where Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas collide.

Shreveport was formed out of the need for a junction town located where the Red River and the Texas Trail met.

No stop to Shreveport can be complete without a nice long trip to the Sci-Port Discovery Center. The Center costs just $6, but grants you access all day to all kinds of visual and interactive science experiments to make your eyes stick out and your heart go pitter-patter at the various chemistry experiments.

While some might scoff at the idea of going to a discovery center as a college-age student, you’ll be happy to know it’s complete with an IMAX theater that will give you plenty of time to cuddle with your date.

Also be sure to visit Cafe Sunshine, home of the healthiest, most organic carrot cake you’ll ever try. The perfect place to get a bite to eat and recover the morning after a night out.

Dance Unlimited – Learn how to Waltz, the two-step, Tango, polka salsa or the Cha-Cha! Enter Shreveport with two left feet, exit with the hips of Beyonce. Persons may call 318-688-6560 for information.