Democrats claim resolution directed toward Obama

Brennan Stebbins

The “Voter’s Bill of Rights” has Democrats in Jefferson City riled up.

A House Joint Resolution sponsored by Rep. Robert Cooper (R-Camdenton) calls for a Constitutional amendment in Missouri that would change election laws, notably requiring birth certificates from candidates.

“For candidates who are required by the constitution of the United States to be natural born citizens, the secretary of state shall request an official copy of the candidate’s birth certificate,” text of the bill reads. “Other certifications, such as a certificate of live birth, shall not be accepted. Should any candidate fail to provide an official birth certificate within 30 days of the request by the secretary of state, his or her name shall not be placed on the ballot. The secretary of state shall verify the qualifications of any elected officeholder who was previously placed on a Missouri ballot.

That wording is angering Democrats, who consider the legislation a cheap shot at President Barack Obama.

“There’s something that says you have to show your birth certificate,” House Minority Leader Paul LeVota (D-Independence) said. “Several members of the Republican House joined a lawsuit to sue to get Obama’s birth certificate to basically say he’s not an American citizen. I think it’s shameful. He’s our president, we should support him. Trying to question the fact that he’s a citizen I think it just plain wrong.”

Trent Skaggs (D-North Kansas City) said last week the resolution, coupled with another resolution urging the federal government not to transport Guantanamo Bay detainees through the state, could hurt Missouri’s image.

“That and then we’ve got this new resolution which is trying to deny that Barack Obama was born in the United States,” Skaggs said. “It’s crazy. These guys are off their rocker.”

Cooper was not available for comment.