Phi Delta Theta starting chapter at Southern

Caleb Thomas

Social fraternity,  Phi Delta Theta, commonly known as Phi Delt, is soon to begin a new chapter at Missouri Southern during the Spring 2020 semester. 

Headquartered in Oxford, Ohio, and founded in 1848, supports over 190 active charters worldwide. With roughly 165,000 living alumni, Phi Delta Theta pledges to uphold principles of “friendship, sound learning and rectitude,” according to their organizational maxim.

Phi Delta Theta’s long history as a successful fellowship helped support a host of widely famed celebrities, actors, writers and public figures. 

The career paths of these former alumni were proctored at a young age, and the values instilled in them through Phi Delta were carried for life.

“The whole point of a university is to provide a genuine college experience. And one of the main driving points in higher education right now is for students to find a sense of belonging. For some, joining an organization such as KA (Kappa Alpha) can be greatly beneficial.

 It’s our hope that once students finds the in-group their looking for, that will in turn set them up on a path toward success,” said Eli Moran, Coordinator of Student Life on campus.

In joining a fraternity or sorority, regardless of their organizational doctrine, students thereby pledge to uphold the moral standards of their chosen organization. 

For example, if a fraternity or sorority upholds an alcohol-free housing policy, violators will be suspended, possibly banned and forced to vacate their provided housing. In the case of Phi Delta, this has been an issue in the past.

A local example of this extends to a recent issue which took place at Missouri State University. Missouri State University’s Phi Delta Theta fraternity was suspended from the Springfield campus until 2021. 

Phi Delt headquarters decided to take action over alleged violations of its “risk management” policy, which mandates that students avoid excessive hazing, abusive behavior, drugs, alcohol and the engagement of high-risk events.

“I believe this is a great opportunity for our students, for those who have never thought about joining an organization. 

One of the goals our office has set for the greek community right now is expansion. We have not extended our reach as far as fraternities go in twelve years now. Partnering with Phi Delta will be a great opportunity for incoming students and opens up a whole new wave of possibilities for those already enrolled and on campus,” said Moran.