Board meets behind closed doors for more than 2 hours

Brennan Stebbins

The Missouri Southern Board of Governors kept University President Bruce Speck waiting in a hallway today while they evaluated his performance.A closed session discussion concerning Speck’s job performance lasted more than two hours, following the Board’s regular meeting. Board chair Rod Anderson said no vote nor any action was taken during the closed session. “We were just evaluating the president’s performance and it’s personnel, we can’t discuss it,” he told reporters after the executive session.”That’s all I can say really.”Speck waited in the Webster Hall first-floor hallway during much of the session. Just after 5 p.m., he was called back into the room and the meeting adjourned shortly thereafter. Asked whether the matter had been resolved, Anderson said it was “a very constructive meeting.”Board members Dwight Douglas and Nancy Perry each refused comment on the closed session.