Faculty band Higher Ed looking to schedule more performances


Photo courtesy of Archie Cole

Higher Ed, a band composed of Missouri Southern faculty listed from left to right: Scott Cragin, Dr. Dennis Harmon, Ursula Rincker, Dr. Casey Cole, and Scott Snell (bottom). 

Craig Blotter

Higher Ed, a band composed of Missouri Southern faculty, looks forward to scheduling new concert events in the future after recently playing at Porchfest in October. 

Higher Ed performs multiple cover songs and several originals in the rock and blues genre, according to Dr. Scott Cragin, professor of business. 

Cragin plays bass and leads vocals for the band. Original songs the band plays include “Wretched Kiss”, “Ebb and Flow”, “Dancin’ Around the Truth”, “No More Games” and “10,000 Hours.” 

Dr. Casey Cole, professor of psychology, has written all of the band’s original songs, said Cragin.

The band started out with five members who went on yearly trips to Las Vegas, Nevada. It was Cole’s idea to start the band. 

Cragin and Cole are the only current members of Higher Ed who were there from the beginning. The other members of band include Scott Snell, Dr. Dennis Harmon, adjunct professor of mathematics, and Ursula Rincker.

Ursula Rincker, who provides vocals for the band, is not a member of Southern faculty, said Cragin. However, she is still involved in education, as she is the librarian at Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School.

After playing recent shows at Whiskey Dicks and Porchfest, Cragin said the band hopes to schedule new shows soon. 

“We’re looking at Turtle Heads, Redding’s Mill Inn and maybe Whiskey Dicks again,” said Cragin.

Two albums by Higher Ed are available for streaming on Reverbnation.com.