Shut up and get to work

Nathan Carter

Work ethic seems to have disappeared in our society, and it sickens me.

Granted, not every job is the best job you ever had. In fact, if it were, you would still be there instead of complaining about where you are now or where you want to go. After all, you would be where you wanted to be. But it seems to me that people are unwilling to do what is necessary to reach their goals.

It is one thing to dislike a job, as long as you do it well as a way to meet your goals. It’s another to complain and give poor performance because, “I don’t wanna’ do it.'” Do your job. That’s what you’re being paid for.

This applies somewhat to school as well. Granted, many of the classes you are forced to take due to the curriculum, are ridiculous and lie completely outside of your interest. However, you are paying for it with your money and your time. You may have to suffer through painful lectures and teachers you can’t stand, but without all of the required classes, you don’t get a degree. If you show up to class and aren’t getting it, that’s one thing. If you are skipping and then interrupt the class with a question the teacher already covered three times, shut up. It is not our problem that you are insufferably stupid and lack work ethic.

Along with the skipping are people who come to class when they are sick. Hearing the snot in your throat rattle around your larynx is appalling to say the least. Go home and ask for notes later. You are forgiven if you aren’t present. I will allow you to borrow the notes in exchange for not making me want to vomit on you. Thank you.

Now stop being lazy and go home if you are sick or I will call you out. You have been warned.