Board reveiws last weeks success, looks forward

Parker Willis

After a successful first week of activities, the Campus Activities Board had its first official meeting to discuss upcoming events.”The Welcome Week activities were very well attended,” said Jessica Pope, coordinator of student activities. “I think students were excited to be back and I think that enthusiasm that CAB was able to provide will hopefully translate over to the rec center.”Student Services and Student Activities have certainly expanded this year so we have some high expectations, and hopefully we’ll be able to meet those as the semester goes on.”Pope wasn’t the only one who believed the turnout was a good sign.”We had great attendance with everything,” said Nathan Hicks, junior political science major. “The hypnotist and the drive-in movie both went over great. Those events had the best attendance I’ve seen since I’ve been in CAB.”But the board can’t take all the credit for the big turnouts.”The freshman class is very energetic and full of students that want to get involved,” Hicks said. “At Southern Welcome we had students already asking how they could get involved and asking what there was to do around here. There has been a lot more involvement from the freshmen class already.”During the meeting, the group discussed several of its upcoming events.The first was the spirit bus that is scheduled to go to the Washburn game next weekend. The bus will leave at 1:30 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 12. There are 38 seats available on the bus. Tickets are $15 and include the game ticket, travel to and from Washburn and a Subway sandwich for the trip there.”We’re trying to get more students to attend away games,” Pope said. “Sometimes students don’t go to away sporting events because they don’t have a way to get there or they don’t have enough people to go with…we are providing a way for students to get there in a sage and organized manor that makes it easier for them and helps our team out. We hope this helps to foster that relationship between student activities and athletics as well as other departments on campus.”The group also voted on the movies that will be shown for CAB movie nights over the next semester. “We picked movies that would either fit the season, like a Christmas movie in December and A Haunting in Connecticut in October or movies that are going to spark the interest of anybody,” Hicks said.Director of Student Activities Tori Christ-iansen also reminded the board that Homecoming is only three weeks away and the float, T-shirts and final decisions about the bonfire all need to be made quickly.The board was unanimous on the decision to have fireworks at the end of the bonfire because it had gone over so well the last two years. Although there had been little help in the past, the group decided to enter a float in the parade. And a decision was not reached on what design the homecoming shirts were going to have, but Christiansen said she would let the shirt maker know what ideas the group had come up with, and after he designed a couple of examples she would present them at next week’s meeting for a final vote.”We’re going to try to find something that appeals to the biggest amount of students because that’s what student funding should do is appeal to the student body at large,” Pope said.