Students begin petition drive

Nathan Carter

Student dissatisfaction with the situation at Missouri Southern has led some to follow the Faculty Senate’s lead.

Students have begun a petition to support the Senate’s likely vote of no confidence in University President Bruce Speck.

“We’re concerned about the direction the school is moving in,” said Laura Lehman, senior international business major. “We don’t like that the school has moved away from the international mission; that he is systematically eliminating the program.”

The Asian Club started the petition to draw the attention of students and the faculty.

“We wish to support the teachers in their vote of no confidence because we feel that Speck is spending money in inappropriate ways for the school and he’s not taking into consideration the school’s international mission as seriously as he should,” said Anna Hawes, senior international business major. “The state funded this school to be an international mission school and he’s ignoring that.”

Last year, students and faculty rallied in Plaster Hall in protest of cuts to the University’s international programs.

“When we had the gathering of all the students and gave personal testimony,” Lehman said. “He didn’t care or even react at all.”

Students are circulating it when they can. So far 20 signatures have been collected.