Hubba’s Hideout brings new flavors, art and music to downtown Joplin


Toby Davis

Blythe Whitaker whips up a drink at Hubba’s Hideout Tacos and Tiki Bar located in downtown Joplin

Toby Davis

Students have a delicious new dining option whenever spending time downtown. Hubba’s Hideout Tacos and Tiki Bar, located at 106 S. Main St, offers an adventurous new take on traditional tacos. 

“I felt like downtown Joplin was missing a couple of things”, said owner Alex Vestal, “one being a taco joint.” 

The menu is small, allowing the chefs the opportunity to perfect each dish before bringing it to the table. Patrons can choose between four styles of tacos, filled with the protein of their choice. Shredded beef, chicken and pork are available, along with organic jackfruit for those with a vegetarian or vegan diet. The meats are juicy and flavorful, slow cooked for maximum effect. The jackfruit mimics the flavor and texture of shredded chicken, enough to dupe even the most devoted meat eater. 

“I wanted to do something a little different for Joplin. I created our menu in a way that you could enjoy the same items whether you’re vegan, a meat eater, dairy free or gluten free.” said Vestal. Popular tacos include the Wallenberg, consisting of protein, cabbage, pineapple and teriyaki sauce. The Farmer’s Market is another a popular menu item, with house-made black bean and corn salsa and vegan ranch. Each style of taco can also be served as a rice bowl without the tortilla. For those who like an added kick, the restaurant carries several different hot sauces. It would be wise to sample your choices before adding to food. These sauces mean business. 

Draft beer and creative cocktails of the tiki variety are available to those of legal drinking age who wish to imbibe with their meal. 

Hubba’s Hideout has also become a place for artists and musicians to showcase their talents. Paintings line the walls of the restaurant and, if visiting on the right night, the sounds of 

songwriters fill the air. On a recent visit, diners were serenaded by the songs of local musicians Wilson Hernandez and Jacob Boyles. 

“As a musician myself, I love live music”, said Vestal, “Our live shows have always been a good time, so it is definitely something we will continue to do. So far we are mainly looking at acoustic acts. We want to continue with keeping an intimate environment”. 

Another thing that students should note is that Hubba’s is an all-ages venue, something Joplin has needed. Artists and musicians do not need to be 21 or older to take advantage of the creative outlet the restaurant provides. “Having an all-ages venue in Joplin is very important to me”, Vestal added.

“I grew up playing all-ages shows when I was a kid. I feel like it is important to give people a place to showcase their talents and something productive to do. It will only benefit our community to allow people to be creative. It is how we progress”. 

Musicians and songwriters hoping to perform can contact Hubba’s via their Facebook page. Or, simply stop in and speak with the staff.