Self-proclaimed ‘baby’ gets pricked


Lakin Adams, staff writer

Lakin Adams


Fall is by far my favorite season. 

I love the colors, crisp air and of course the food that accompanies this time of year. 

Unfortunately, fall also means it’s flu season, so I decided to be one step ahead of the game and get my flu shot. 

First, let me say that anybody who knows me knows I’m about the biggest baby in the world. 

I have my little brother kill spiders for me, I kept my eyes closed during most of Paranormal Activity, and I stay as far away from needles as I possibly can.

 In fact, the last time I got a shot I was probably about 10 years old. So when I decided (and by decided I mean I was volunteered by my lovely friend) to go get one, I immediately got nervous and clammy. 

My heart beats so fast I swear I can hear it, and I start imagining how big the needle is going to be, which just makes my heart beat even faster. 

It’s really a vicious cycle that seems to be worse the older I get.

For instance, I’m pretty sure my four-year-old cousin is a braver girl than I am. 

So as I walked into the Willcoxon Health Center I began to second-guess this decision. 

I mean, I’ve gone years without getting a flu shot and I’ve survived so far, right? 

As I was sitting in the waiting room and asking my friends exactly how big the needle was, which was cause to make fun of me, I heard my name. 

The moment had finally come; I had to act like a big girl. 

The nurses were so nice and comforting that my worries disappeared as soon as I stepped back. 

They asked if I was okay and talked to me the whole time, helping to take my mind off it. They didn’t make fun of me for avoiding eye contact with the needle and smiled sweetly when they told me it was all over. 

That was the first time I had actually used the health center and I’m happy to report the whole process took about 15 minutes and was virtually painless. 

I know I’m a puss. 

You make fun of me all you want, but I know one person that won’t be confined to bed rest this winter. 

This girl.