Career, major fair offers students opportunity to look to future


Curtis Almeter

Anthony Whistler, senior accounting major, picks up a pamphlet from the Mense, Churchwell & Mense table Wednesday at the career & major fair.

Bekah Collins

The upstairs of Billingsly Student Center was live and bustling with students Wednesday, as the  Career and Major Exploration Fair welcomed those looking for employment opportunities. 

Representatives from several area universities, as well as businesses looking for quality employees were present. More than 55 businesses reserved space for a booth at the event, and the administration was pleased with the turnout of both students and vendors.

Nichole Brown, director of career services, was in charge of the affair for the first time this year. 

Caley Churchwell, senior accounting major, has attended the fair in the past as a student and had a booth this year.

“I’ve seen both sides, and if I could give freshmen one piece of advice it would be, even if you don’t know someone, go up and shake their hands,”  she said. 

“Asking questions is the best way to get to know someone.”  

Churchwell was representing Mense, Churchwell and Mense, certified public accounting group, at the fair this year. 

She explained that her business is primarily looking for students with accounting majors. 

“Experience helps, but we’ve also offered internships with three or four students from Southern now.” 

Malayla Seaman, sophomore nursing major, attended the fair last year as a freshman with no prior idea as to what she would find when she ascended  the steps of Billingsly. 

“I was under-dressed because I had no idea what to wear,” she said. 

“It’s a common freshman mistake that I learned from.” 

As Seaman walked around, she found booths explaining different programs the University offers. 

What stood out most to her about the experience was the breakout session led by the head of the nursing department. 

“I was the only one there, so I got to speak directly to her and all of her associates,” she said. “It was great because I could ask what classes to take and really learn the ins and outs of the department.” 

Seaman  said the experience was very affirming. 

“It’s a good reminder that even though there are pressures to go to  college and get a job, not all majors have a set path that you have to take,” she said. 

“College is about you and doing what you like.” 

The fair provides students with the tools to network and advance in whatever path they choose. 

Students who missed the Career and Major Exploration Fair can still contact Career Services and learn ways to improve their resumes or where to apply for a job.  The office of Career Services provides computer access and free printing for any student needing career related material.