Staffer reflects on school career


Jeremy Thomas, Assistant Sports Editor

Jeremy Thomas


Throughout high school, junior college and now here at Missouri Southern I have encountered some pretty mega awesome teacher’s, and some well let’s just say I have no idea how they became a teacher. 

I went to a big high school in St. Louis where my graduation class was pushing 650 students, so there were tons of students at my school. I don’t know if it was the big high school or the type of kids that went to my school, but it seemed to reflect on some of the teachers. 

I will always remember my Sophomore English teacher, first off she literally looked like the wicket witch of the west no lie, and secondly over half of my class knew the material better than she did. 

I swear she was out to get me, because she would always give me these mysterious glares like “I don’t like you and I want you gone”. 

It did not help that she was from another country either, so listening was a key tool you had to have in that class. I don’t condone skipping class but a teacher like that made it very tempting to skip several times. 

Now on the other side of the perspective there are those teachers that make school fun and exciting, while actually learning some cool stuff. 

My junior year there was this Journalism teacher that made me fall head over feet in love with journalism. You know that one class in high school that you actually looked forward to going to? 

Well this was def. mines. Any class where you get to interview students outside of the classroom during the class period, while getting bagels and cream cheese everyday is a class I would pay extra money to take. So you have your “why are you a teacher…teachers”, your “This teacher is freaking awesome”, and you have your “Man this teacher is in better shape than I am” type of teachers. 

. In junior college in St. Louis I had a fitness class, were my teacher was literally trying to become an ultimate fighting champion! 

I normally do not get scared of my teachers, or actually have a teacher that can basically knock me flat out, but this guy was a freak of nature. Stood about 6’8 maybe 268ibs and had muscles like a body builder. 

When you have muscles on your neck I think you are doing too much just my opinion. 

Another teacher that I will never ever forget, basically because it may have been the worst class I have ever took before. I hate history as it is,  but combine that with a teacher with a mono tone voice, with the lights half dim in the class, it was a recipe for disaster for me. 

Mono tone teachers are boring as it is, but teaching history with that voice c’mon really? 

Anyway I am done talking about the different types of teachers I have seen, I want to dive into what I think are the four basic type of students in class. 

First we have the sleeper, this is that one student in your class that every time you see them, they always seem to be asleep.

 It doesn’t matter if it is an 8 am class or a 2 pm class, that person will treat that desk as their own personal pillow. Have you ever been in a class when a person is sleeping and actually wakes themselves up by their own snoring? 

Second type of student is the late arrival, this is that one student in your class where they always I mean always seem to show up late, and it’s not five minutes late, they show up 15-20 minutes late. 

I had a 10am class last fall that was 50min. this one dude actually showed up to class at 10:30 on a regular basis, he strolled in all casual like nothing was wrong too. 

Third type is the Mr. or Mrs. “Knowing it all” this is that student that always knows the answer, and if their answer is not right, then the teacher must be wrong. 

This is the student that gets on your nerves because they have to answer every question, and talk about their personal life like they are in a private meeting. 

Finally we have our texter (Which is me) these are the students that have the erg to text in class not necessarily because the class is boring, but because texting is a bit more fun than school at times.

 I know there are some students that are so good at texting without getting caught, they can literally text while looking at the teacher and the text will be perfect, that takes some skills if you asked me.

So there it is my view of the different types of teachers and different types of students, do you fall under any of these categories?