Six-month anniversary too much for editor

Nathan Carter


Everyday the damage from the tornado scattered around Joplin reminds everybody of the event that struck our town.

This event was marked with the bodies of friends, family, neighbors and loved ones, which has me asking if we really need a six-month memorial.

The insensitivity of the “event” they are trying to make of their public display is baffling. Every day, family members of the victims must wake up and look at the damages that flipped their lives. Continual reminders are cruel and unnecessary. 

I feel the reason for the six-month memorial is simple: attention to the town has dwindled. I understand their reasoning—vaguely. Joplin has faded to the second, third and so forth pages of the national news until there has been no news coverage left, but there has been little new information about the tornado in months. 

That is how the news media works. No new information means there will be no new story in the papers. Sorry.

The way I view this is that those who lost everything are being put on display for what purpose? Any humane person however would offer help to those in need as was shown in the days and hours after the tornado. 

It is for this reason I feel this memorial cannot possibly be constructive for those who are suffering. This is not constructive. Let them rebuild. Let them move on. Let them be in peace.

Instead they are offered this asinine memorial. It feels like  the organizers, no matter how well intentioned, are trying to grab for attention through others’ suffering, which is shameful.

I can only hope that the idiocy of this event will be realized before people waste their time venturing out to this ceremony.

I would suggest that anybody thinking about attending only go for those they know, and it would probably be best to only go then with the blessing of the known victim’s family. Otherwise it is just serving a morbid exploitative agenda.

You have been warned.