Moving causes headache for staffer


Lakin Adams, staff writer

Lakin Adams


Moving sucks. 

You see I have lived at home since this past week and as excited as I was to finally be moving out on my own, I dreaded the packing, loading, carrying and unpacking that makes that sweet freedom possible. 

It was like everything that I had ever lost and looked days for suddenly decided to show up.  To top it off, my poor mom was not taking this whole ‘my baby girl is leaving’ well. 

I had talked about moving since I was 19 but had never actually done it, so when I told her I was moving about a month beforehand she seemed cool with the idea. 

Well I lied, you see I had the bright idea that I would move in with a guy friend of mine last Spring. That experience lasted about two weeks before I was back at home. 

So when mom heard that I was moving she took it with a grain of salt because she didn’t think that I would actually go throuh with it. 

Her calmness all went out the window about a week before I moved out. It seemed like every other day she would cry or ask me if I was sure. The morning of moving day, she gave me that look that moms give and asked me one final time if I really wanted to go through with it. 

Seriously? I mean I love my mother to pieces, but I’m 22; its time. 

I honest to God did not realize how much useless stuff I owned. Or for that matter, all the clothes and shoes I had to go through. 

I don’t know if it’s because I’m a girl or because I had the same room since I was 17 but the amount of stuff I had to throw away and cram into boxes was ridiculous. I used laundry baskets, boxes and anything else I could get my hands on. 

The sad thing is I didn’t take about half of the stuff in that room.

My old closet is still close to being full because I  didn’t need its contents or have room for it.

Another awful part of moving is the stuff you have buy. I was spoiled at my parents house. They bought all the necessities and food and I didn’t have to buy hardly anything.

 I didn’t realize everything that I would have to replace.  I had to work on the day I moved and so I decided to get stuff ready and then I would just meet my parents at home load everything up on the trailer and then get it done. 


My mom made dinner and my stepdad took forever to get everything ready so I could start loading it. 

It took about two hours longer than I had expected, and I’m not even done unpacking. I’m giving myself a little credit since I’ve only been there two full days and it doesn’t look like I just moved in. 

I’m sure in two months I’ll look back and wonder why I didnt’ do it sooner. Right now though, I never want to move again.