Del Shreve says ‘just do something’


Gabi Markovich

Benjamin Del Shreve, from Fayettville, Ark., at Blackthorn Pizza & Pub playing a show on Dec. 2, 2011.

Gabi Markovich


Last Friday night, the band Benjamin Del Shreve rocked the house down at Blackthorn Pizza & Pub in downtown Joplin. 

Hailing from Fayetteville, Ark. Benjamin Del Shreve, Jonathan Holder, Robert Geiger, Vincent Lichlighter and Rob Storms have been together for eight years and are no strangers when it comes to touring in this area. 

“We try to play places we know our music will be appreciated and will bring a crowd,” Del Shreve,  vocalist and guitarist for the band said. 

 “We used to play a lot more but now we’ve slowed down because we’re going back into the studio to record.”

The new album will be called You Need Want.

Benjamin Del Shreve’s first released a self-titled EP in 2005. 

They have since released two albums to the public, 2007’s Brilliant & Charming and 2010’s Sleeping Sweetly,  but according to Del Shreve, the band has five years worth of unreleased material.  

They’ve relseased these albums without being signed to a record label. 

When asked about their sound, Del Shreve describes their music as “Hug you, fuck you rock ‘n’ roll.” 

This statement earns a chuckle from bassist Lichlighter. 

“It’s 90’s rock with a modern, indie twist,” Lichlighter said. “It’s fun, that’s all it is. 

“Just check it out and form your own opinion.”

Benjamin Del Shreve’s sound and live show is nothing short of fun which can easily be seen by the reaction they receive  from the crowd 

They took the stage for a double set that night playing songs both old and new and a cover of The Turtles’ “Happy Together” which was welcomed by a cheering, dancing crowd. 

Their musicianship and ease on stage shows they take their craft seriously. 

They played a very tight set and held your attention from start to finish.

“I think it was a good show,” Del Shreve said as show-goers filed out of Blackthorn. 

“Life is beautiful and you can’t avoid  death  so don’t waste your life. 

Do something, even if that means start a fight or break some windows, just do something.” 

This philosophy is echoed in their music. 

Benjamin Del Shreve put on the kind of show that makes you stop for a moment and enjoy life. 

Lichlighter phrased it best, “If you cross music that makes you feel good or has lyrics that you find meaningful, then it’s a win-win.”

The next show for Benjamin Del Shreve will be on New Year’s Eve at Stick Fingerz in Little Rock, Ark. 

For more about the band and their upcoming shows,  visit their Facebook page. They can be found by searching “Benjamin Del Shreve” on Facebook.