Coltharp named the new Vice President of Academic Affairs at Crowder College

Dr. Glenn Coltharp, dean of the School of Education, will be leaving his position at Missouri Southern to become the new Vice President of Academic Affairs at Crowder.

In the eight years that  Coltharp has been employed at Southern, he has held the position of professor, department head and associate dean, and he has served as Dean of the School of Education for five years.

Now he will have the chance to work on projects and issues that affect an entire campus.

In an announcement by Crowder College,  Dr. Alan Marble, president of the college, said, “Dr. Coltharp emerged as the clear and overwhelming choice of the selection committee, Instructional Council, representatives from professional and classified staff associations.

“We are extremely excited to have Dr. Coltharp join our team.”

After beginning the application process in November,  Coltharp was chosen out of 60 applicants from a nation-wide search.

“There is a lot of potential at Crowder,” said Coltharp regarding his new position.

“I’ll get the chance to work with campus wide projects and work with all the departments [from  Southern].”

Coltharp resigns with mixed feelings, leaving behind “outstanding students, faculty, staff and administration,” but says he is looking for expanded opportunity.

Today is  Coltharp’s last day at Southern and he will assume his new position as VP of Academic Affairs on Monday.

Keith Robertson, associate professor of teacher education, has worked with Coltharp  from the beginning.

He said in the first month that Coltharp was employed, he set his sights on the job of vice president.

Among many skills and values Coltharp has learned during his time at Southern, he appreciates learning the process of developing new programs and working with various state departments as well as the high academic standards that Southern students and faculty are held to.  

In his new position, Coltharp hopes to “build a bridge from Crowder to Missouri Southern, and strengthen the schools’ partnership”

He looks forward to working in multiple different departments. Looking forward to his new job, he said “It will have similar functions with a broader focus.”