Musicians using social media to bring fans together

Orval Howard

The coronavirus has affected millions of people all over the world and musicians are feeling the effects of quarantining at home.

Because large groups of people are prohibited for the time being, concerts are not going to be held for several months. This leaves musicians at home with nothing to do.

Country music stars have taken a unique approach to being quarantined. Due to the situation the country is in now, artists have taken the opportunity to stay at home and livestream on their social media accounts. This gives audience members a chance to see their favorite musicians perform.

Tim McGraw started a trend that has caught wind in the country music scene. He began the “deep cuts challenge” with a cover of John Schneider’s 1984 “Take the Long Way Home.”

The deep cuts challenge are songs that an artist loves and has not gotten the recognition they feel it deserves. It’s a song that they have loved for a long time, but performed live. This is a great opportunity to hear amazing artists sing covers to other songs.

McGraw kicked off the deep cuts challenge by nominating other country stars. From artist to artist the challenge has seen many people cover great music. Brad Paisley, Darius Rucker, Charles Kelly, and Vince Gill are just a few of the country artists who have participated in the challenge so far.

Blake Shelton was one of the most recent artists to perform a cover, which he did while being quarantined at his home at Lake Texoma in Oklahoma.

J.D. Howard is a fan of country music and has been playing the guitar for over 13 years. After attending Southern for a brief time, he decided to join the work force as he works towards a career in music.

Taking inspiration from these artists using social media platforms, Howard plans to create his own YouTube channel where he will promote his own music.

“What these country stars are doing for the fans is a cool thing for people stuck at home. They serve as a good source of entertainment”, Howard said.

Using social media to promote kind words and inspiration is nothing new. Since famous people have a great number of followers, they can say something to inspire their fans. Using social media is a good way to reach out to everyone.

“I hate turning on the news anymore. All you will hear is bad stuff happening all over the world,” said Howard, “I think it is important to know what is happening, but I think it is pretty great that some of my favorite singers are trying to promote positivity to forget about all the bad in the world.”

This is exactly what these country artists are doing as well. They begin the live stream playing their music and singing songs. However, when they have their audience, they will remind everyone that this is not the end and we will persevere.

Luke Combs is one of the hottest country stars of today. He took to Instagram to play a few songs for his 2.5 million followers.

“Pumped I was able to play a couple of songs for y’all! Thankful technology allows us to connect like this ad forget about everything that’s going on for a little while,” Combs posted on Instagram.

Combs also advised his followers to keep up with the World Health Organization for any new information about COVID-19.

Randall King is a new upcoming artist in the country atmosphere. He took a unique spin on speaking to his fans by teaching them how to play one of his new songs. He also gave the story behind the song.

Musicians outside of country music are also using social media to reach out to their fans.

Chris Martin, of Coldplay, performed many of his own songs with a few cover songs on Instagram Live. This was the first installment of a broadcast series between the World Health Organization and Global Citizen called “At Home Together.”

Martin is the first artist who will appear on the series. He announced that John Legend will perform next.

Artists are using social media to make them appear more human and relatable in these times of trouble.