Saunders confident in new senators

The second round of Student Senate elections was held on Monday and Tuesday in the Lions’ Den.

Three of four students who ran for at-large senate positions were elected.

The elected senators are Brandon Dockery, Mary Duncan and Lydia McGriff.

“They are diverse and will be a great addition to the chamber,” Johnathan Saunders, Student Senate president, said. “When the Senate has members from all different walks of life it gives me a better insight to many issues that I otherwise might have not looked into.

“So overall, I’m confident that these new senators will do a fantastic job.”

Their first meeting as a full Senate body was held on Wednesday at 5:30 p.m.

“We will not shy away from uncomfortable issues and we have some major ideas for helping registered student organizations, Greek life, dorm side and state-wide initiatives,” Saunders said, previewing the meeting.

Saunders has been a member of the senate for four years and hopes to continue furthering its success.

“My goals are similar to the goals I had starting out four years ago: Give the student government an identity, something that can unite it so that it may work more effectively than a loose affiliations of random students.