Puppy parenting proves male flaws


Special to The Chart

Managing Editor Lakin Adams’ puppy, Daisy, enjoys chewing on a toy Wednesday evening. Adams says men have trouble multi-tasking as her fiance won’t let the dog roam about.

Lakin Adams, Managing Editor

I had never believed men and women were that different until I decided to live with a member of the opposite sex.

While there are some obvious differences, I continued to defend the male species.

Sure, there are those little quirks we all have, but for the most part it wasn’t anything too ridiculous.

Then we got a puppy.

I went from defending them to conspiring against them overnight.

I will clean, cook, shower and do whatever else that needs to be done with her out and about.

She has to learn how to entertain herself and that I’m the boss, so to speak.

Eventually, she calms down and lays wherever I am.

My fiancé however, cannot multitask to save his life. Throw in a puppy to look after? Oh snap.

He will not do anything if I’m not home to watch her.

As much as I adore that boy, the only multitasking he can do is play Xbox and listen to his Cardinals on the radio at the same time.

Yes, that’s the biggest difference between men and women.

Women make a ‘to do’ list and attempt to check five things off at a time, simply because we can.

Men take it one step at a time.

While accuracy is very important, so is efficiency.

You can be accurate and precise all you want, but if you can’t do it quickly then what’s the point?

I don’t think it’s because men are lazy or because all men have short attention spans.

They watch football all day long and stay content.

A multitude of reasons could be behind why multitasking is such a big deal for them.

Men might be living by the motto “slow and steady wins the race,” or possibly it’s our fault, ladies.

 “Anything you can do, I can do better” isn’t exactly a motto a lot of men live by.

 Whatever the reason may be, I’ve decided one thing.

They need to get their act together. Now.