Winning the battle against boredom

Abby Bishop

Quarantine is a struggle. People all over the world can attest to that.

Over the course of the last few weeks, a lot has changed. Entire states have shut down, businesses closing their doors indefinitely, giving people very few escapes from the four walls of their homes. It is easy to get bored while being stuck at home.

I have found a few activities that allow for some mind stimulation outside of bingeing television shows and some physical activities that get the blood pumping.

Outside of the obvious “work out” and “read a book,” there are so many hobbies that can be picked up during this downtime. 

1. Just Dance

The first activity that really gets the heart pumping is dancing. There are countless dance tutorial videos on YouTube that start at beginner level and are fun and easy to follow. Even if you aren’t a great dancer, watching a dance lesson video is an easy and inside activity that can be done every day until quarantine is over and beyond. 

2. Yoga

Another exercise activity is yoga. This one seems obvious, but there is a giant world of yoga instruction to be found. Not only does yoga help with muscle strength, but it is also a great way to help clear the mind and focus for the day ahead.

3. Dig Deeper

An excellent way to work out the brain during a time when there is little to do around the house is to research a topic that is interesting. With a lot of free time, it is much easier to find time to learn new things outside of what is already required from school or work.

There could be a historical event that you would like to know more about, or a new scientific discovery that is blowing the minds of scientists everywhere. Whatever the interest is, quarantine is an excellent time to pursue it.

4. Stay in Touch

Connecting with friends is very important in times like these. Although it is hard to spend time with them, checking up on them through social media and even through video games.

According to Zach Dobbs, senior mass communications major at Missouri Southern, gave an example of how he has been connecting with his friends through a new game called “Animal Crossing: New Horizons”. 

“I like it because it gives me a chance to still talk to my friends even though we can’t technically see each other right now,” said Dobbs.

The game has helped him connect with friends and coworkers, since he is unable to be with them in person at this time. 

5. Get Creative

An activity that I have picked up is painting. I am not good at it and my paintings are not museum material, but it allows me to be creative and take a break from the world around me for a few minutes without staring at my phone or another screen for hours on end.

Taking this time to find things passion in news things is a great opportunity. It is important to see this as a learning experience for all of us.