Troye Sivan takes us home with his latest single

Quinten Sargent

Amid the uncertain reality the majority of the world faces, artists still continue to create art to bring us closer together. 

Troye Sivan, an Australian Youtuber turned popstar, took to Twitter on March 19 to express his thoughts on quarantine and new music.

“I’m literally going berserk. I have music and I’m going to release it very very soon I just decided,” said Sivan.

Sivan’s fans began tweeting for release dates and song details. Sivan keeping an open dialogue with fans, gave little information as to details but did note he was already in trouble with his label.

With the release of, “Take Yourself Home,” on April 1, his first solo project since the release of his second studio album Bloom, Sivan takes us on a on a self-reflective journey with a fun melodic beat.

Sivan found this opportunity to not only allow fans some relief in this crazy time, but to also create an opportunity for freelance artists who have lost work due to the pandemic. Instead of using the predetermined budget for visuals to accompany his new song, “Take Yourself Home,” Sivan put out an open call via social media for graphic designers and animation artists to contact him directly for paid work opportunities.

I remember attending Sivan’s Suburbia Tour in 2016. On stage or in the speakers Sivan never ceases to amaze me with the effortless way he combines rhythmic melodies with thought-provoking lyrics, but consequently the way he immerses himself in the song.

In “Take Yourself Home,” Sivan sings, “If I’m gonna waste my time, then it’s time to go, take yourself home.”

As we listen and make our own connections to the lyrics, I’ve already made my own.

These lyrics quickly resonated with me. How often do I find myself continuing to carry out daily duties or relationships that have no meaning or importance to me, but continue to comply because it’s familiar? Instantly I thought, “It’s time to go. Take yourself home.”

When asked if “Take Yourself Home,” is the lead single off his third studio album Sivan said, “None of that shit matters. I’m just vibing.”

As we vibe to Sivan’s honesty, he leaves us a two-part tweet, explicitly explaining the deeper meaning behind his new track.

“This was a really scary moment for me – being this honest with myself about my happiness and my life and the way all the pieces fit together, or don’t. Just like a moment dude… What are you doing? This isn’t about working anymore. Go home. Go be with your family. Dance. Write music. Be with your friends who have known you since you were two. Reevaluate. Naturally we wrote a sad dance track with a housey outro, and it’s out everywhere in the world now,” said Sivan.

Whether this song evokes a feeling inside to keep yourself home amid the pandemic, or to take yourself out of current situations and revert back to more simpler times in life, Sivan hopes that his new song, “Take Yourself Home,” brings joy and relief into our lives as it did his in such a crazy time.

As for me, I’m overjoyed.