Our Opinion: Cancer awareness; Chart cares

The Chart

With this issue of The Chart, we begin going pink in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

But, it should be said that we’re aware of and sympathetic to all other cancers, even if they don’t get appropriate attention with their own months and colors.

Just among the people in our newsroom on production night, four hands go up upon asking if cancer has impacted the life of a loved one.

Our fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters have faced the disease’s horrors, and we’d bet you and your family are the same.

So, if only for a month, we’re joining the cause and going pink, as you can tell by the front page of this paper.

If you’re asking yourself what good that’s really going to do, we’d bet you haven’t seen the disease’s effects up close. The truth is, there’s not a whole lot individuals can do to ease cancer patients’ suffering.

So, just as almost all of us have done for our families or friends at some point, we extend our hand in friendship and support in the most obvious way available to us.

We go pink.

We urge anyone fighting such a horrid disease to keep their strength, resolve and will to live.