SHOW ME THE GOLD officer training program slated to begin next fall

Missouri Southern has partnered with the Missouri National Guard to bring students the SHOW ME THE GOLD officer training program that will begin this fall. Captain Amanda Self, assistant professor of military science, will be leading the program and courses within it.

“I am very excited,” Self said. “I think this program is going to be great for the students, Missouri Southern and the National Guard.

The officer candidate school (OCS) prep course is designed to train students to become comissioned officers for the Missouri National Guard by the time of their graduation. After graduation students will become platoon leaders for units in Missouri.

The program will consist of a three credit hour course in military science, physical training three days per week for 1 hour and a lab for weapons and other hands-on training.

The program also consists of monthly paid drill and other National Guard requirements.

“Everything they will be required to do for the military they will do for me here on campus,” Self said.

Students enrolled in the program will remain undeployable until after they graduate.

This means students will be able to earn their degrees and enroll in the program, without getting pulled or deployed during that time.

“Students have the opportunity to earn a lot of money with the program,” Self said.

“Whatever financial aid or scholarships they have now will go straight to their pockets.”

The National Guard will pay 100% of students’ tuition. On top of that, students will be paid for drill and skills training.

Students in the program will go to OCS school between their junior and senior year, when they will be commissioned to serve as lieutenants. At that point, the students will serve Self as platoon leaders for the rest of the students enrolled in the program.

Students with prior military service can come into the program as sophomores. Students who are undecided also have the option to take the freshman courses to see if they are interested in the program.

According to Self, 11 candidates so far are interested in the program, she is hoping to recruit more within Southern as well as reaching to people outside of Southern.

For more information, contact Capt. Amanda Self  in the Criminal Justice building.