Super Bowl 47 halftime show reveals lady-crush

Samantha Zoltanski, Assistant Sports Editor

Samantha Zoltanski, Assistant Sports Editor

Beyonce’s halftime performance during the Super Bowl was amazing, hands down.

That was one of the best halftime shows in the past few years.

There was not a part of her performance that I did not like.

Her stage and setup was amazing. At one point there was fire coming up from the floor. The aerial view of the stage was very creative, but what got me was the moments when there were five or six other Beyonces on the stage screens.

At the beginning of the performance she lay down and then suddenly Beyonce was surrounded by 10 other Beyonces.

Later in the performance, Beyonce didn’t even need back-up dancers, she just had herself pop up on the screen behind her.

It was impressive that Beyonce and her dancers were dancing in sync with the dancers on the screen.

Her dancing was amazing. Some people think there was too much dancing, but if you could dance like that, in heels, you would flaunt it too.

Did I mention she was in heels? I’m in pain after walking a few hours in heels; she just did some intense dancing for 14 minutes in heels and didn’t even trip.

That’s impressive.

At the beginning of the performance when she did that sassy walk to the front of the stage and then sat down seductively in slow motion …

How in the world did she do that?

Not only was she dancing, but she was singing as well. For all those who think she lip syncs, you’re wrong.

I would be so out of breath after all that dancing, I wouldn’t even be able to talk.

The song selection for her performance had a range of new and old music, from “Crazy in Love” to “Love on Top,” they all sounded great.

And come on, who didn’t love the Destiny’s Child reunion. Once Kelly Rowland and Michelle Whatever popped up from under the stage all the 90’s hip-hop fans went crazy.

They couldn’t have chosen a better song. You know everyone was singing along to Bootyiclious.

The song was appropriate, because Beyonce’s body was Bootyiclious considering the fact she had a kid this past year.

Beyonce is an idol to many because she is successful. She is confident. She is inspirational.  Beyonce is fierce.