Chart editor takes first step toward success


It’s been a hectic spring so far.

Check The Chart’s masthead, and you’ll see a few staff changes took place over our spring break hiatus.

Jordan Larimore has landed his first job in the professional media world. We’d say we’ll miss our editor-in-chief, but he’ll still be hanging around as senior editor — at least for the rest of the semester.

Besides, past executive editor Joshua Boley has stepped into Larimore’s shoes as of this issue. Being in charge is a tough job, but we think the former Marine can handle it. He’s already learned the basics from Larimore.

When Taylor Camden, the new executive editor, asked Boley what her new duties were, he parroted Larimore’s favorite line: “Whatever I tell you to do.” What a smooth transition.

Jokes aside, this is an exciting time for The Chart. Each semester staff members graduate, and we miss them. But each new semester, fresh talent walks through these doors to carry on the tradition of student media at Southern.

Given all the ways a story can be told, we think there is a place for everyone on the newspaper staff. Working here is a great way to get to know the campus and its people, not to mention discovering new opportunities.

Registration is next week. Two words: Comm 220.

Don’t kick it till you try it.