Nixon’s veto remains in effect


Missouri Southern State University President Dr. Alan Marble

Joshua Boley/The Chart

The Governor’s veto of HB 253 stands.

With a vote of 94-67 Gov. Jay Nixon’s veto of a state income tax cut bill remains in effect. Several Republicans sided with Democrats leaving the vote short of the 109 needed to override the governor’s veto.

Interim President Alan Marble’s initial response when he heard the news was, “yay!”

“The governor’s override has been upheld and threat of big cuts should go away,” Marble said.

The proposed bill would have issued phased in tax cuts to businesses and individuals. Republicans held that the tax cuts are needed to keep Missouri competitive with neighboring states when competing for jobs. However, Nixon continued to voice concerns that the bill would cut funding to education.

Marble was in attendance during Nixon’s visit to the Missouri Southern campus last week and noted that the governor made several good points.

“The threat of another $3 million out of the budget is something that was keeping us awake at night. This is a good day,” Marble said.

Marble explained that most colleges in Missouri are operating under the 2001 proposed level of funding and that another hit to the budget could be devastating.

Marble agrees with the general consensus that the bill will probably come back next session in another form, but feels the initial threat is gone for now. Marble said that most of the staff he has spoken to about the veto being upheld is relieved.

“You can’t just say the University dodged a bullet, but the students as well. We would have had to push the cost to them.” Marble said.