Capital improvement committee focuses on beautification

Last Wednesday’s Student Senate meeting laid a foundation for future decisions to be made. Cory Garr was unanimously named this year’s chair for the Committee for Capital Improvement. In the same fashion, Mary Duncan was named Chair of P.R. and Cody Martin was named Parliamentarian.

Senate is working towards creating Library and Athletics committees. Senate is seeking two representatives from the student body to serve on each committee. Those who are interested should email [email protected] General questions and suggestions from students for Senate should also be emailed to this address.

At this meeting it was announced that $4,000 was expected to be spent on the mural located in the tunnel between dorm side and campus, though only $2,000 was spent. While no decisions were made, Senate is working towards commission options in finishing the mural.

The capital improvement committee held a casual meeting following Student Senate during which campus beautification was discussed.

A main issue was the desire to offer a student survey so that the most pressing needs of the student body can be met.

Members are also hopeful that the relocation of the sand volleyball courts will go smoothly as new residence halls take their place.

Capital improvement chair Cory Garr argued for the need to focus beautification on residence section of campus after the financial commitment of the Lion Icon.

He said that pride in the residences can increase University revenue, as this is where future students expect to live and current students should want to continue living. He pointed out the need for more seating outside the dorms, as well as possible improvements to the Student Life Center.

Jake Messer countered by mentioning Missouri Southern’s status as a commuter campus. The need for more parking was discussed, though it was explained as an issue that must be addressed by Southern administration, as it would affect the 20 year plan. At the conclusion of the meeting it was understood that projects to beautify both sides of campus would be discussed at future meetings.

Faculty adviser and Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management Darren Fullerton announced that the House of Representatives interim committee for education will hold an open forum in Corley Auditorium on Wednesday, Sept. 25, at 7:00 p.m.

The Missouri education system from kindergarten through higher education will be discussed, including a common core for universities. One question will address how well college students feel high school prepared them for their academic future.