Government maintains stupidity in shutdown


Cartoon by Kendra Bridsco

I have to admit when the deadline came down for the government to make a decision prior to the then looming shutdown, I expected the government to be shut down for an hour and then magically start back up.

However as of this writing, the government seems to be no closer to switching the power back on. Admittedly, I was all for the shutdown when it first happened. My mind-set was based on the thought that the government hadn’t been doing anything more than argue so why not just shut it down.

Snap back to the present and my Facebook has become inundated  with stories of the absurdness of of the government shutdown.

One story was of a group of senior citizens that included individuals from China and Australia were not allowed to see any of the sites within Yellowstone National Park. According to the story armed guards kept the tour group away from the sites and in the motel. When leaving, the bus was not allowed to stop for over two hours until it was out of the park.

Other stories include the government not paying death benefits to families of fallen service members and paying for guards to barricade veterans from World War II Memorial.

It seems the government can even screw up a perfectly good shutdown.

Who knows to what extent the shutdown will effect Americans or how long it will last? Personally, the longer it lasts the more examples of just pure stupidity I see, and the more angry I become.

It seems the government is determined to make this a painful experience in hopes of justifying their own existence.