Fall plans take shape for Student Senate

Student Senate looks forward to a year of progress and community within themselves and the Missouri Southern campus. Faculty and staff committee positions will soon be filled and PR is planning upcoming events.

Noah Triplett, Student Senate president, said, “I’m very optimistic about where we can go just based on the fact that we are able to achieve some cohesion because usually, at this point… there’s still a little bit of tension in the waters. “

PR Chair Mary Duncan announced that Ask a Senator will take place this Wednesday, Oct. 2, in the Lion’s Den. Students will have an opportunity to gain information regarding Student Senate’s role on campus and better their understanding of how Student Senate works with clubs.

On Oct. 19, the PR committee is hosting a residence-area block party that will move to the stadium to tailgate before the football game. The committee expects to involve prizes, shirts and sponsors.

“It’s going to be a huge event sponsored by Student Senate. We’re going to have all kinds of different contests…and we’re all working on it right now to make it happen,” said Duncan.

Student Senate adviser and resident director Samantha Quackenbush says she is impressed by how quickly this year’s senate is working together.

She said, “I was really excited to get the reports out of committees last week. It sounded like you guys really jumped right in brainstorming and we’re already seeing products out of it. That’s the fastest I’ve ever seen committees get to work.”