Student Senate discusses budget, Saudi Club

Student Senate met briefly tonight before breaking into subcommittees, and only one appropriation was proposed.

After initial budget confusion, Senate lined the finances out and continued with the session. The first topic covered was Senate nominations for homecoming candidates; senior public relation major Mary Duncan was nominated for queen and junior political science major Cory Garr was nominated as king.

Junior Cody Martin had the floor after the vote, addressing parliamentary procedure.

“Last week we had several appropriations to vote on, and I apologize for my absence… I had spoken to several senators and the thought is that we have missed some guidance during debate,” said Martin.

Junior President Noah Triplett followed with an apology for the lack of order from last week’s meeting.

“I apologize for our behavior last week during our body meeting. It was unprofessional, it was caddy and it was childish. I take all responsibility for the actions that took place during that meeting,” said Martin.

Senate then adjourned and broke into subcommittees.

The finance club heard an appropriation from the Saudi Club for $1,000. The club was asking for $400 for shirts, $400 for food and an additional $200 for decorations. They requested the money for an event that spreads awareness of the Saudi culture.

“It is an informative event about our culture, traditions and our religion,” said club President Ahmed Salem Alanazi (sophomore, paramedic).

The vote for whether or not the club will receive funding will happen next Wednesday, Oct. 23, despite the fact that the event is taking place on Monday, Oct. 21.

The club will put forth the funding for the event initially, with hopes of being reimbursed.

“I told them to save receipts and understand that they run a risk of not being reimbursed if the vote doesn’t pass,” said senior biology major and Senate Treasurer Ashleigh Thomlinson.