In Remembrance of Derek Moore Memorial Service


Liz Spencer/The Chart

Memorial Service

Ian Taylor

Yesterday Missouri Southern State University hosted a memorial service in remembrance of offensive line coach, Derek Moore.  A ceremony, in an overfilled Corley Auditorium featured speeches from multiple members of the faculty from the university such as Interim University President Dr. Alan Marble, Athletic Director Jared Bruggeman, and head football coach Daryl Daye to highlight the life of Moore.

The speakers took turns depicting their time spent with Moore, describing in detail stories colorful enough to make the somber crowd chuckle in relief, and remarked about how grateful they were to have had the chance to meet such a man.

Coach Daye spoke candidly about his emotions toward the tragedy, but encouraged the football team and the rest of the university to “move forward” beyond this event.  Stating multiple times that he was simply saying what he would know Moore would have wanted him to say.

The final message was to the family of Moore and his soon to be seven-year-old son that he leaves behind, as Southern joins with donations from the public in an effort to secure a college fund for young Elijah.

But as the Lions football team mourns the loss of a brother, they pledge to live on in his honor.

“R.I.P Coach Moore……Promise u will not be forgotten,” said sophomore defensive lineman Chris Williams via Twitter after the ceremony.