Senate entertains appropriation bids

Student Senate met briefly on Wednesday night before breaking up to participate in their bi-weekly committee meetings.

The entire Senate discussed a couple of things, including finding a Senate representative for the Presidential Search Committee and trying to fill a spot on the Library Committee.  Senator Cody Garr discussed his committee’s appropriations about bleachers and a water fountain for the intramural fields by the soccer field. While the bleachers were approved, the water fountain wasn’t because of the costs of plumbing and piping.

Treasurer Ashleigh Thomlinson ended the Senate meeting with an announcement of the budget, which sits at a total of $36,415.01.

The Finance Committee met afterwards and heard appropriations from three different campus clubs.  The first club to ask for funding on the evening was Delta Mu Delta, which is seeking funding in the amount of $1,500 to go to a convention held in San Antonio. Delta Mu Delta is a business honor society.

Usually, clubs are limited to a total of $1,000 a semester, so Thomlinson was skeptical they would be able to receive the additional funds.

“I know it may sound a little unfair, but it’s not like a rollover system.  We will have to cut it off at $1,000 and I am sorry for that,” said Thomlinson.

The second club to ask for funds was the Kinesiology Club. They wanted the allotted $1,000 to attend a physical education convention in St. Louis. The convention gives students the opportunity to learn from some of the best professionals in the field.

The Catholic campus ministry was the final club to request funds. The club plans to attend the National Catholic Collegiate Conference in Indianapolis. The organization requested the funding to pay for travelling and lodging expenses.

Senate will vote on requests next Wednesday during meeting.