Senate prepares for St. Baldrick’s event

On Wednesday night, Student Senate held its first meeting since former Senator Mary Duncan stepped down at the end of the fall semester.

Duncan was the chair of the Public Relations subcommittee; Senator Jake Messer was chosen to fill the vacancy she left.

The major speaking point in the meeting was about the St. Baldrick’s event the Senate hosts in March in order to spread awareness of childhood cancer.

“I have had barbers from here in town emailing me about the event trying to figure out how to participate,” Vice President Brittany Lampe said. “It’s really exciting that our event has made this much of an impact on our campus and around the community.”

Two members of Senate have already volunteered to have their heads shaved, those being Senator Cory Garr and President Noah Triplett.

“Right now we have somewhere from 5 to 7 shavees [people having their heads shaved] signed up,” said Lampe.

The head shaving is not limited to members of Senate, and students looking to become involved should contact Lampe through email at [email protected]

In other business, Treasurer Ashleigh Thomlinson reported the budget sits at $29,939.68. Senate has yet to receive its funding for the spring semester and expects to receive that money on Monday, Feb. 3.