Wellness Wednesday provides Valentine’s Day crafts for all


Makayla Baker/The Chart

Senior Health Promotion and Wellness major and Wellness intern Gary Lowe creates a heart keychain for his girlfriend of nine months on Feb. 12, 2014, in the Lion’s Den.

MaKayla Baker, staff writer

This week during Wellness Wednesday, students were able to create “Make n’ Take” heart key chains or bracelets.

The key chain option seemed to be the most popular. With pipe cleaner in hand, beads in a bowl, and a baggie of heart “love” charms, the possibilities were endless.

Faculty, staff, and students alike joined in on the fun, creating key chains for themselves, their significant others, or even their parents or grandparents.

Financial aid department employee Linda Steele said, “I am making this for my hubby. He won’t use it, but he can put it on his nightstand. Today is our anniversary.”

Some students, such as Josh Cutberth and Amelia Beramer, created bracelets for each other, as friends. Senior health and wellness major and wellness intern Gary Lowe created a heart key chain for his girlfriend of nine months, Tiffany.

When asked how they would spend their Valentine’s Day together, he said, “We’re going out to eat somewhere and then go see … Walter Mitty or the Lego Movie.”