ROAR Fund support split among student body


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Do you support the ROAR fund?

With the ROAR fund vote just two weeks away, students are beginning to form opinions of the proposed fee.

A survey of 40 Missouri Southern students conducted on Wednesday, April 16, revealed that the vote should be close on April 29-30. Of the 40 students polled, 17 said they supported the ROAR fund, while 18 said they would vote against it and five said they were uncertain.

On a larger scale, a number of students and faculty members have taken to social media to show their support or lack there of.

A Facebook page titled “Vote NO to the ROAR fee” has garnered wide spread attention, gaining more than 300 likes since its creation just over a week ago.

Brandy Estell (Sophomore, Accounting) shares the sentiment of the page that athletics may not be the best place for the money to go.

“School spirit is wonderful, but academics should be the priority,” said Estell.

While a page hasn’t been created for those who support the fee, the school website has information and a video under their campus life tab that portrays the fee in a positive light.

Casey Blevins (Junior, Kinesiology) is an example of a student who supports the fund.

“Our school needs an adrenaline shot of school spirit. Sports are a great venue to attract prospective students,” said Blevins.

The ROAR fund is a proposed four-dollar per credit hour fee that is capped at $60 that would go towards funding athletics. The fee would mainly go toward facility improvements, as well as other projects such as purchasing new band uniforms.

The vote will be held on April 29 and 30 and is open to all Southern students.