Student Senate holds final body meeting of semester

On Wednesday evening, Student Senate met for the final time of the 2013-14 school year.

It was also the final meeting for several senators and executive officers, including vice-president Brittany Lampe, senior, secondary education, and secretary Molly Shumaker, senior, biochemistry.

Several things were accomplished in the meeting, including the approval of new banners that will be placed on the light poles on both the school and residence hall sides of campus. The banners have a Missouri Southern design and will cost $4,332. University Relations and Marketing agreed to cost share with Senate, splitting the cost down the middle. The final cost for Senate was $2,166.

“We decided to go with a heavy-duty vinyl that will last anywhere from three to four years,” said Cory Garr, sophomore, political science.

Senate also approved the request to add three hydration stations to the residence hall side of campus. The total cost of the project could be as much as $4,950. RHA will cost share on the project and supply funds of $1,500. The three buildings that were selected are East Hall, the Student Life Center (SLC) and McCormick Hall.

“East Hall is usually full so that seemed fit and through talking to RAs and RSAs, they had said that the ladies in McCormick had requested it on several occasions,” said Garr.

The body also approved two appropriations that had been approved by the finance committee last week. Both Omnicron Delta Kappa and the Native American Student Association were provided with funding.

Treasurer Ashleigh Thomlinson, junior, biochemistry, said, “I brought the budget with me and after tonight’s approvals, Senate is left with $28, 949. 27 to end the year.”