Showing of Tammy brings laughs to oval


“Tammy” shows in Phelps Theater

Kylie Ackerson, staff writer

Tammy, starring Melissa McCarthy, is a heartfelt comedy about an eccentric granddaughter and her drunk, diabetic grandmother who go on a cross country journey to Niagara Falls.

The Campus Activities Board will be presenting the R-rated movie at Phelps Theater Oct. 2, and on the Oval on the 3rd (weather permitting). CAB will also provide free drinks and candy.

After Tammy loses her dead end job at a fast food restaurant, she goes home to find her husband has been cheating on her with the neighbor. When Tammy goes to her mother’s house, she makes a spur of the moment decision to leave town and drive to a random place to get away from everything. She begrudgingly allows her grandmother Pearl (played by Susan Sarandon to tag along, mainly for her car and money to fund the trip. Pearl is the one who suggests heading for Niagara Falls.

During their journey, the audience can sense tension between the two. The relationship is tested on multiple occasions, any one of which may end their adventure.

Although McCarthy doesn’t stray too far from the typical quirky character she plays in her other films, Tammy has a little more depth when we see her open up to her grandmother about things she has never told anyone before.

Pearl is definitely one of Sarandon’s best performances. Her acting as a drunk, rebellious grandmother is very convincing; while funny in some parts of the film, there are instances where the audience almost feels sorry for her.  

Director Ben Falcone (who is also McCarthy’s husband), was able to maintain the same upbeat tone he has in his other films, such as Bridesmaids and What to Expect When You’re Expecting, throughout the whole movie. Falcone also has a cameo in the movie Tammy.

Overall, Tammy is a movie that most audiences will enjoy. Individuals can certainly relate to the characters and, in some instances, can learn the value of family, even through rough times.