English professors set to read foreign poetry

Kamryn Trusler. staff writer

The Middle Ages: a time of epics and fables. A time full of swords, shields and knights in shining armor. The world was flat and the poetry, beautiful. Turkey during the Middle Ages was at the height of the Ottoman Empire, and this is also when much of Turkish literature was written.

As part of the semester theme, Missouri Southern professors will host an event where they will read Turkish literature. The first reading is early folk literature, which will be recited by Dr. Bill Kumbier, instructor of English. This is the sixth consecutive year for this event. The readings have covered many different countries, from Thailand to Canada, and it is not just educational for the students who attend, but also for the professors.

“I learn a great deal about the literature,” said Dr. Patricia Murphy, event organizer and Missouri Southern instructor of English.

The event was started and has been continued by Murphy. She selects the literature from the themed semester every year, and she explains that some years it is particularly difficult to find pieces. This year’s difficulty was finding translations for the literature.

“It’s a lot of research because we try to give representative examples of the country,” Murphy said. “It was tricky to find the translations, but luckily we found what we needed.”

 “[This event] gives students a chance to experience fascinating writings from other countries,” Murphy said. “It really helps a person develop a sense of literary offerings worldwide, and it broadens your perspective.”

The Oct. 1 reading is a free event. It will take place at 10 a.m. inside of Phelps Theater.