Local business says: Relax, sip, visit and paint


Kjersti McDonald

Owner John Coleman (left) surveys the room as John Pickett and his wife Kristen (far right) paint their dogs Tanner and Harvey on Monday, Sept. 15 at RSVPaint in downtown Joplin.

A local business offers the opportunity for inexperienced and experienced painters alike to paint their own masterpiece with step-by-step instruction. John Coleman brought RSVPaint to downtown Joplin in March 2014 and said the sip-and-paint establishment brings a unique entertainment opportunity to Joplin residents.

Coleman originally worked for RSVPaint in Springfield, then owned by Emily Moore. Moore offered the business up for sale in July 2013, and Coleman and his friend Fred Carper took over ownership. Carper still runs the Springfield location.

RSVPaint’s motto is “Relax, Sip, Visit and Paint.” The studio hosts classes almost every night of the week where an instructor walks painters through the process of recreating a famous painting. On Wednesdays, people are free to walk in and paint whatever they want without an instructor, although artists are available to assist when needed.

“It’s a great way to do something that’s fun,” said Coleman.

“You actually get to take home what you’ve worked on, and most people haven’t painted since they were in kindergarten, so it’s been 20 or 30 years that they haven’t touched paint to canvas.”

The sipping comes into play when class-goers decide to either purchase or bring their own beer or wine to the class. Starting in October, RSVPaint will charge a $5 corking fee for every bottle of wine or six-pack brought in.

“It’s a great alternative for adults on their date night,” Coleman said. “Rather than going to dinner and a movie, they can go to dinner, then come here and paint and be able to converse and have a good time. They can meet other people, meet up with friends … There are lots of laughs in our classes.”

Although the instructor walks participants through each painting step by step, Coleman said every painting has a unique twist.

“Everyone’s is different,” he said. “It’s great to see everyone’s take on it. They all follow the same instructions, they use the same paint and the same picture, but because everyone’s got such a different personality, you get to see that come through.”

In addition to classes, RSVPaint hosts a different local artist in their front gallery every Third Thursday. Coleman also said they may soon be opening this area as an art supply retail space.

“[It’d be] a nice little place downtown to buy some paints, canvases, sketchbooks, pencils and more,” Coleman said.

Instructed classes, held Thursday through Sunday, are $35, which includes the canvas, paint, brushes, easel and apron. Walk-in classes, held Wednesdays, are $25 and special events are $45. On Wednesdays, Missouri Southern students receive a 20 percent discount with student ID. The studio may be reserved for private parties and a calendar of upcoming classes and events is available at www.rsvpaint.com.


Phone: 416-680-5434

Hours: Wednesday 1-9 p.m., Thursday-Saturday 7-9 p.m., Sunday 1-3 p.m.; calendar of special classes and events online at www.rsvpaint.com

Price range: $25-$45