CAB screens horror movies throughout Halloween


Illustration by Brad Stout

CAB screens horror films throughout week of Halloween

Witches and ghosts and psychopaths, oh my! Every Halloween, the Campus Activities Board (CAB) at Missouri Southern shows a horror movie to get everyone in the Halloween spirit, but this year they are doing something a little different.

They are not only going to be showing a horror movie on Halloween, but they will be showing a horror movie every night the week of Halloween.

“Take breaks from homework, use the break time to watch a movie for a couple of hours,” said Landon Adams, director of the student activities that works with CAB.

On Monday Oct. 27, there will be a showing of the film The Exorcist, Tuesday Oct. 28, there will be a showing of The Conjuring, Wednesday Oct. 29, there is a showing of The Shining and on Thursday and Friday, there will be a showing of The Purge: Anarchy.

All movies will be shown in Phelps Theatre at 6:30 p.m. where there will also be free drinks and candy.