Choral department presents Seasonal Choral Flourish

Seasonal Chloral Florish

Seasonal Chloral Florish

Today at 7:30 p.m., the choral department will present the Fifth Annual Seasonal Choral Flourish at St. Peter’s Catholic Church. The production will be under the direction of Dr. David Sharlow, director of choral studies at Missouri Southern.

The program will involve three choral ensembles, concert choral, and Jazz Unlimited chamber singers accompanied by the Southern Symphony Orchestra.

“As far as presentation is concerned, it’s very professional,” Sharlow said. “We strive for professionalism and quality. It’ll be something for everyone to enjoy and it’s something to look forward to starting the holiday season.”

According to Sharlow, the turnout should be pretty good, as it has been at past programs.

“It’s a standing room only crowd; we usually pack the place. You have to get there early because it’s usually well attended. We’ve sort of gained a reputation for it being a good program,” he said.

The performers will sing songs from the sixteenth century to the present, all centered on classical choral tradition.

Sharlow said he is proud that the concert offers something for everyone.

“It’s a nice variety; I think that is the exciting thing about it. We’re well prepared in the sense that it will be a quality production.”